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Marcelo Quadros Runway LAFW LA Fashion Week 2016

Brazilian Marcelo Quadros started his career as a fashion designer in the early 90s, a product of the famous Brazilian fashion event “Phytoervas Fashion”.

After 15 years in the market the brand is symbol of sophistication and exclusivity, it is sold in approximately 65 stores in Brazil and 6 stores worldwide. It has been featured in all fashion magazines and editorials. Now his atelier merges Fashion and business, Quadros has developed products for well known brands as Nespresso, Daslu, and Moet-Chandon.

Today Quadros meets couture clients by appointment only and provides fashion consultancy services for various fashion segments, nationally and internationally. He recently relaunched his collection ready to wear in 2015. Focusing in the last five years on evening wear, his designs are intended to be worn in galas, red carpet and high fashion events.