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Rose Cottage Designs Runway LAFW LA Fashion Week 2016

Rose Cottage Designs is the result of Australian Cinda Bigg’s lifetime journey of color, shape, and a return to timeless elegance and we are committed to crafting garments with a progressive philosophy, redefining tradition in every new creation.

Tracing her beginning to the riverbanks of the Rio Tejo in Lisbon, Cinda has emerged to become a leading Australian childrens’ designer, blending a unique perspective and style drawn from a wealth of culture, experience, and an unwavering standard of quality.

Cinda’s journey in design started with her love of textiles and color.  Moving into adulthood, Cinda was educated by a renowned Australian garment maker with an eye on detail and how the craft should be done. Inspired to make clothes for friends and family and having two girls of her own, Cinda found it a challenge to find clothes that retained their childhood charm. Over the past 7 years, Cinda has fine-tuned her craft and developed a style of her own as shown in her runway presentation at LA Fashion Week 2016.